Language fails us, communication is difficult, yet we must find ways to uncover the truths of what makes people who they are – especially those we love.  Can you ever truly know another person fully? Perhaps the answer is yes, but to do so one must find other modes of communication, ones without language or words, that allow the heart to be understood.


Love Person is a transcendent four-part love story told in Sanskrit, American Sign Language, English and email. Two couples are rocked to their cores when love unexpectedly transcends sexual orientation, physical attraction, and social structures. Free, a Deaf woman in a relationship with Maggie, accidentally strikes up a correspondence with Ram, a B.U. professor of Sanskrit and love-interest of Free’s sister Vic. The four find themselves inextricably bound by technology, translation, and the breakdown of language itself.



• “Kapil’s Love Person is a fascinating brew of emotion, wit and intellect that challenges its audience to reassess how the form of communication shapes understanding.”  –Minneapolis Star Tribune

•  “Startling and evocative…”  –Twin Cities Daily Planet

• “The play possesses a profundity less about the languages it employs than the universal human loneliness its characters struggle to overcome.” – Variety

• “Aditi Brennan Kapil’s smart, graceful new play, “Love Person,” might sound overly elaborate in description, but it doesn’t come across that way.” – Variety

• “Kapil – who is of Bulgarian and Indian descent, grew up in Sweden and now lives in Minneapolis – has a genuine feel for the ever-present act of translation.” – Variety

• “This play definitely marks Kapil as a young playwright to keep an eye (and an ear) on.” – Variety

• “Heart-pounding attraction, intense all-night conversations – Aditi Brennan Kapil’s Love Person captures the giddiness of new love affairs. But the play is even more eloquently realistic about the wear and tear that time wreaks on relationships.”  –American Theatre Magazine


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